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We’re your team of Savvy Strategists, Marketing Minds & Industry Changemakers commited to helping your business thrive.

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Karyna Goldman

Nicole's program was a game-changer for my business. I was teetering on breaking even each month and within a few short weeks, I turned a profit and have continued ever since. The changes that she worked with me were minor adjustments that created a huge difference in my business!

Karyna Goldman

Triangle Foundry

During this 60-minute meeting, you'll get:

An in-depth review of your business strategies to discover what’s working and what needs to be changed
A roadmap with actionable steps to implement these changes and start hitting your business profit growth goals
A personalized blueprint on maximizing those profits while stepping back to get more time for yourself
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Our results

Business coaching doesn't need to be a lifetime commitment. We partner with you, define your BIG goals, uncover your business' most pressing needs -- then get to work: fast! After we address any bottlenecks or inefficiencies, quantum growth is our goal. Our results speak for themselves!

$6,000 After 3 months of coaching, Leanne paid herself her first official monthly draw of $6,000

128 With a targeted promotion, Melissa sold 128 memberships in less than 30 days!

50% Karen adjusted her pricing strategy and rolled out a Founders’ Rate campaign that converted over 50% of her clients to autopay members in less than 4 weeks!

89% After a month of coaching, Kait’s membership is up 89%, attendance up 39% and sales are up 53% from last year!

Courtney Brooks

Nicole is the best investment you will make into your studio business. We set up SOPs, rebranded our studio's foundation and changed our whole sales process. {In 4 months} My investment in her program has already been returned and then some.

Courtney Brooks

Soul Sweat

About Us

Hi! We are Spark Strategies: a team of Business Consultants, Strategists and Marketing Minds with one goal: to help women of the wellness world STOP undervaluing themselves are their businesses.

We help our entrepreneurs think bigger, work smarter and create improved commercial success so they can enjoy the financial freedom to live out their life dreams - whatever those dreams may be.

Spark Strategies was founded by Nicole D'Andrea in 2018. As a successful studio owner herself, she uncovered a deep need for professionalization in the wellness world - especially amongst women. So, she leveraged her strategic sixth sense, first-hand experience and bigger vision for the industry to help others build and sustain profitable businesses of their own.

To date, we've served hundreds of boutique fitness studios. Our consulting business is our means of empowering others to grow their mindsets AND their bottom lines.

Ready to thrive? We can't wait to meet you.

Nicole D'Andrea

You are here to change lives -- including your own!

Our custom business consulting programs are intensive containers for studio owners who are ready to STOP 'just getting by' and start COMMANDING more from their businesses.

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