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Spark: Growth

Custom Business Consulting

Have a specific goal in mind or need a tuneup? Work with us on a customized short or long-term project to refine your brand and message, automate systems, build a budget, streamline your sales process, motivate your team, improve retention and drive big revenue.

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Two women at a computer looking at a business plan

Spark: Creativity

Marketing Services

Work with us to develop client attraction, nurture and retention campaigns that convert. We offer strategy consulting as well as a full suite of "done-for-you" services including ad setup and management, email campaign design, social media strategy, website optimization and more. Focus on what you love and leave the rest to us.

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Woman checking her email with tea in her hand

Spark: Confidence

Leadership Coaching & Personal Development

We believe that an entrepreneur's business is a reflection of who they are. Work with our team of coaches to overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back in business (and in life!) so you can lead your team with confidence and rise to the next level with ease. Leverage your most powerful asset: your mindset!

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Woman sitting around a desk with laptops

Spark: Sales

Sales Training for Teams

Your front desk is a powerful force for your business: use it well! Hire us for a half-day training for your entire team. We'll teach industry best practices for building community, closing membership sales and increasing client value. Your staff will learn to build rapport, overcome objections and sell memberships with ease (and zero sleaze).

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Two women at a counter talking to a customer

Spark: Results

The Studio SOS Program

The solution for Studio Owners who need a fix, fast. We’ll drill into your current systems and find your most pressing needs. Then, focus on one or two areas of your business in this potent 30 day container that includes private coaching and daily support as you execute your brilliant strategy. Need to change your pricing? Run your KPIs? Build a marketing campaign for your event or training? Sharpen up your staff? We have you covered.

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The Five Day Profitable Studio Masterclass

Ready to get your studio out of survival mode without breaking the bank? Inside the 5 Day Profitable Studio Masterclass you'll find:


You'll get all the recordings, so you can move at your own pace, but our guess is you'll want to move FAST. You'll also find PDFs, chock full of the type of homework that actually yields RESULTS.

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About Us

Hi! We are Spark Strategies: a team of Business Consultants, Strategists and Marketing Minds with one goal: to help women of the wellness world STOP undervaluing themselves and their businesses.

We help our entrepreneurs think bigger, work smarter and create improved commercial success so they can enjoy the financial freedom to live out their life dreams - whatever those dreams may be.

Spark Strategies was founded by Nicole D'Andrea in 2018. As a successful studio owner herself, she uncovered a deep need for professionalization in the wellness world - especially amongst women. So, she leveraged her strategic sixth sense, first-hand experience and bigger vision for the industry to help others build and sustain profitable businesses of their own.

To date, we've served hundreds of boutique fitness studios. Our consulting business is our means of empowering others to grow their mindsets AND their bottom lines.

Ready to thrive? We can't wait to meet you.

Nicole D’Andrea

Nicole D’Andrea

Founder / CEO

Nicole is a Mindbody-Certified Business Consultant, Certified Fix This Next Advisor and Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach.

Allison Jones

Allison Jones

Business Consultant

Allison Jones successfully sold her share of her profitable yoga studio and is now laser-focused on helping Spark clients realize their potential through a potent mix of mindset coaching and savvy business strategy.

Teresa Zanardelli

Teresa Zanardelli

Business Consultant

Teresa successfully exited her yoga studio business and is now a seasoned Consultant with specialties in software optimization, KPIs, budgeting, pricing strategy and member retention.

Aida Solomon

Aida Solomon

Branding & Marketing Strategist

Aida is an award-winning multimedia journalist and digital marketing specialist with over a decade of experience helping small businesses stand out online.

Justicia DeClue

Justicia DeClue

Business Consultant

The founder and owner of Maha Yoga in Philadelphia, Justicia believes an authentic brand voice is the heart of every successful studio. A lover of systems and organization, she excels at KPIs, automations, operations, and small team development.

Pete Lloyd

Pete Lloyd

Web Designer & Developer

Peter is a web designer and developer who helps Spark clients create beautiful, functional websites that convert visitors into clients.

Jenn Morrison

Jenn Morrison

Executive Business Assistant

Jenn is Nicole's Executive Assistant and the organizer of all things. She keeps Spark clients on-task and moving forward!

  • Nicole's program was a game-changer for my business.

    I was teetering on breaking even each month and within a few short weeks, I turned a profit and have continued ever since. The changes that she worked with me were minor adjustments that created a huge difference in my busines

    Karyna Goldman | Triangle Foundry
  • Nicole is the best investment you will make into your studio business.

    “We set up SOPs, rebranded our studio's foundation and changed our whole sales process. {In 4 months} My investment in her program has already been returned and then some.”

    Courtney Brooks | Soul Sweat
  • If you put in the work and do the things Nicole suggests, you will succeed!

    “I started working with Nicole in the spring of 2021 when I was on the verge of closing the studio due to COVID. Nicole taught me so many things that not only turned my business around but we are now thriving and ready to expand 6 months later.”

    Kate Goodyear | Nectar Yoga

How She Did It!

Tracey came to us with many years of studio ownership under her belt. Her business had always broken even, but she was sick. and. tired. of what she (lovingly) referred to as her “little job.” She was ready to finally step into her power and expand into a Leader! Listen to how her seven year old business had a 105% sales increase in just 4 months of work together!

During our time together we:

Successfully raised Tracey’s prices without a peep from her longtime students

Implemented a recurring revenue system and turned most of her clients into members

Tracked, budgeted and PAID Tracey from her business for the very first time!

You are here to change lives -- including your own!

Our custom business consulting programs are intensive containers for studio owners who are ready to STOP 'just getting by' and start COMMANDING more from their businesses.

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Free Mini Trainings


Sales School

ICKED-OUT BY THE WORD ‘SALES’? This training is for you if...

  • You're done with the days of praying to make a sale -- you want to get off the rollercoaster and KNOW you're waking up with cash in the bank every day

  • You're ready to up-level your sales process and train your team to convert intro clients to loyal members ALL. THE. TIME.

  • You're not afraid to make a few changes to truly GROW your studio's bottom line


The Retention Rulebook

Retention is the SINGLE most important metric to know and love within your studio business. It's the key to:

  • Getting prospects on board with your product and mission

  • Converting trial clients to lifelong customers

  • Keeping your members out of your competitor's studios and with you for life!

  • In this free training, you'll learn what to look for and how to improve your retention numbers for the abundantly profitable studio business you've been waiting for!


  • Breath Together Yoga
  • Carolina Yoga Company
  • Earth Aerial Yoga
  • Honor Yoga
  • Modo Yoga
  • Nest Yoga
  • Repose
  • Shambhala
  • Soul Sweat
  • Spark Hot Yoga